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Monday, May 10, 2010

More Civ Dis

What started out in Keene, New Hampshire as just a couple people openly smoking marijuana in Central Square quickly grew into large 420 celebrations taking place everyday. If you were to drive through downtown Keene it wasn't uncommon to view over 100 people openly smoking pot and displaying signs celebrating their right to consume substances deemed illegal by the people who do business as "the government".

I thought this was something that should start taking place across the state, if not all over the country and decided to promote one here in Manchester.

The 420 Celebrations in Manchester never grew to the same size as the ones that take place in Keene but we typically had good turnouts of about 30 people, split between Free State activists and locals coming out to support the gatherings.

This year I had some other projects I wanted to focus on and hoped a couple Manchester activists would handle promoting the 420 celebrations but as of yet they haven't resumed on a daily basis.

But there was this nice day in January where the Manchester police decided they would no longer ignore what was happening...

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