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Sunday, May 9, 2010

FIJA Outreach

A few weeks after walking around Manchester with a pot bud in hand I was able to get a group of activists together for some Juror's Rights outreach at the Hillsborough County Superior Court.

The right of a juror to judge a particular law for his/herself and vote to acquit a defendant is a great way to end the persecution of people who are charged with victimless offenses. I can only hope this type of outreach spreads.

You'll notice in the first few minutes of this video I comment on being able to have a juror vote to acquit me if I ever need it, joking as I didn't think I would have the need. Little did I know that months later I'd need it in two different cases.

If you're interested in doing this type of activism you can go to the FIJA website to find pamphlets to print out. Then you simply need to contact your local court where jury trials take place to find out when they do jury selection. I'd advise planning to show up about an hour before jurors are supposed to show up and it might help to let the jury clerk know you'll be there so you don't run into problems with any court security. However, it is protected speech and you have the right to be there to distribute the pamphlets so don't let any bureaucrat tell you you're not allowed.

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